MS Office

This certificates focuses on mastering Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Employers rate MS Office skill proficiency highly from potential recruits.

Wine, Spirits & Cocktails

Best-in-class education and certifications to inspire and empower the students wanting to learn wine, spirits and mixology.

Digital Marketing

Any Digital Marketing activity helps reach out to wider audiences. Hence, it is involved in scaling up of business operations. Fundamentals of DM cover in the certification includes SEO, SMM, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Effective Supply Chain meets customer service requirements at the operational cost. It is the life line of any business activity. Supply Chain disruptions featured strongly during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Certificate gives you an insight of SCM.

LinkedIn Learning

Learning is an online learning platform from the professional social media giant LinkedIn. It provides a myriad of training sessions, classes, lectures and more in video format. Institute has provided complete access to Linkedin Learning to get certified in areas of their interest and at their own pace.

Basics of Portfolio Management & Crypto Currency Trader Certificate

This course combines the basics of portfolio management with comprehensive crypto currency trade learning it serves as a road map for your personal and technical/financial crypto currency success. This course includes all of the tools you need to be successful with crypto currencies and portfolio management.

Memory Techniques

Techniques to power your careers and empower you.

Personal Branding

Helping you define and curate your personal brand.