Role of Academics in Creating a Hospitality Leader

Academic pursuit has been the backbone of every evolving civilization in the world. Nations have thrived when its populace have focused on learning and just being aware of their purpose in life.

The hospitality industry is one which is highly service oriented. Though it shells out products like food, beverages, travel and accommodation, it is the intangibles like ambience, warmth, courtesy and a service oriented attitude that creates guest satisfaction.

To be a leader in hospitality it is mandatory to have the requisite knowledge and skills in the areas of your specialization. But, moreover, leaders should be able to work with and through people. They are called upon to take initiatives, be empathetic listeners, be intuitive about guest needs and delight the guests and employees they serve. Neither degrees nor grade-cards are true indicators of these intangible assets a hospitality professional carries.

Since the outcomes expected are so varied and diverse, the academic process of imparting all these too requires similar variety. The traditional process of classroom learning is overhauled by making it a very engaging and interactive process. The faculty no longer delivers content rather gives context to the content already available. Flipped and blended classrooms have replaced the “Chalk and Talk” ones. Listening to experienced faculty, those who have walked the path before you, makes you aware of the scope and challenges.

Hands-on practical training, events, internships, industry mentors, study trips, and diverse learning environments are the hallmark of a vibrant Hospitality Curriculum. These experiences in a short span of three to four years transforms a novice into a thorough professional, confident to play a versatile role in the hospitality industry. Exposure to different business models at a young age generates variety of choices for a hospitality career.

The sole purpose of hospitality academics is not only to arm the learner with the requisite technical knowledge and skills but also to light the passion to follow one’s dreams in an area suited for the natural traits one possesses.

Thus, it is robust “Hospitality Education” that opens the mind of a young aspirant and creates multitude of opportunities to be a Hospitality Leader.

Choose Wisely.

Author -- Mr. Gladvin Rego